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First things first, what exactly is a Swami?
Technically speaking “Swami” is a historical word derived from the ancient Hindu language, Sanskrit, meaning religious teacher or mystic. Less technically speaking, it is someone who is their own master.
So what is SwamiCity iPhone App?
SwamiCity iPhone app is an easy-to-use app that allows you to be your own master wherever you travel. It has all the information you need to put a city in the palm of your hands-- even if you’ve never been there before.

It’s a single city-savvy app that maintains a traveler’s perspective every step of the way. Start with your travel details. SwamiCity iPhone app allows you to check your flight details, check the weather, or find a list of free things to do, so you can do some planning before you get there. You get Yelp reviews, Google street views, Twitter, GPS, links to Wikipedia, and more-- all in one place.
So why not just use all of those apps?
To answer a Q with a Q, why hassle with switching in and out of apps when you don’t need to? With SwamiCity iPhone App, there’s no need to switch in and out of apps. It’s all right in one place, giving you the power of more than 25 apps in one.
Ok, so I’m in a new city. What if I can’t decide what to do?
Ask Swami. He gets to know you from the things and places you’ve searched for and saved to your Favorites list. When you’re in doubt, you can even ask the cool, all-knowing SwamiCity to decide for you. Hey. Swami knows.
What’s the difference between asking someone on the street or SwamiCity iPhone app?
Swami knows you. Whether you’re visiting for pleasure or business, SwamiCity iPhone app will help you find and navigate the city’s treasures—and then save your favorites. Your favorite restaurants, stores, entertainment events—directions, details and more are all conveniently and attractively packaged in this one user friendly super-app.
What cities have a SwamiCity iPhone app?
We started with three (New York, Chicago and San Francisco), but soon SwamiCity will be worldwide, with 8 to 10 new cities added each month. In the first half of 2010, you can expect to see a SwamiCity iPhone app for Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Boston, Washington D.C., Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, Seattle, Miami, Hawaii, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Portland. We won’t stop until every major city in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia has a SwamiCity iphone app. (Sinister laugh, jk.)
Are new Channels and upgrades planned for this iPhone app?
Definitely. SwamiCity sites will always be improving with upgrades to existing channels and new channels. In the planning-pipeline are new channels for Food, Fashion, What’s Happening, TripLog, and TVLocalNews. Upgrades will be made regularly to improve the content and functionality of existing channels.
Who is that Swami behind the curtain? In other words, who inputs the app?
Actually, we get a lot of help from SwamiCity iPhone app users. We ask you to keep your fingers pm the pulse of your community. That means "TELL SWAMI NOW" if a new restaurant, boutique, wine bar, or cheese shop opens in your town, or a town you’re visiting. Put on your Swami hat, and write a review. You’ll make that city a better place to visit.
What if I live in a SwamiCity?
All the better. You probably won’t use the airline or hotel info often, but you’ll be sure to avoid getting into ruts. Like Thai food but always go to the same place? Ask Swami to point you to somewhere new. Wonder who’s playing at your favorite night club? Swami knows. Want to tell the world about the best chicken salad sandwich you’ve ever tasted? *TELL SWAMI NOW* and the world will be forever grateful. As we said earlier, we get a lot of help from our SwamiCity friends.
Swami Sayssss...
When using Google directions and Google street views, making an auto-dial phone call, or viewing the results from the NearMe channel; you are leaving the app! Remain calm. You can easily return to SwamiCity by simply tapping on the round indentation at the bottom of the front iPhone you use to access your apps. Then tap on the SwamiCity app to return. It only takes a few seconds—but we missed you.